John Sheppard: Jesu salvator saeculi, redemptis

Jesu salvator saeculi, 
Jesu, Saviour of an age,
Redemptis ope subveni, 
come with help to the ransomed,
Et pia Dei genitrix, 
and Holy Mother of God,
Salutem posce miseris. 
petition for safety of the wretched.
Coetus omnes angelici, 
May the angelic gatherings,
Patri archarum cunei, 
the ranks of the Father’s archangels,
Ac prophetarum merita, 
and the good deeds of the prophets,
Nobis precentur veniam. 
implore pardon for us.
Baptisma Christi praevius, 
May the Baptist, forerunner of Christ,
Et claviger aethereus, 
bearer of heaven’s keys,
Cum ceteris apostolis, 
with the rest of the apostles
Nos solvant nexu criminis. 
release us from the grip of sin.
Chorus sacratus martyrum, 
The holy band of martyrs,
Confessio sacerdotum, 
the confession of priests
Et virginalis castitas, 
and maidenly purity—
Nos a peccatis abluat. 
may each
Clericorum suffragia 
The assembly of clerics
Omnesque cives caelici 

and all the citizens of heaven
Annuant votis supplicum 

proclaim their entreaty in prayer
Et vitae poscant praemium. 

and demand the reward of life.
Laus, honor, virtus, gloria 

Praise, honour, virtue, glory
Deo Patri et Filio 

be to God the Father and to the Son
Sancto simul Paraclyto, 

as well as to the Holy Paraclete,
In sempiterna saecula. Amen. 

for endless ages. Amen.

All Saints: First Vespers

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