John Sheppard: Jesu salvator saeculi, verbum

Jesu salvator saeculi, 
O Jesus, Saviour of mankind,
Verbum Patris altissimi, 
word of the Father most high,
Lux lucis invisibilis 
light from light invisible
Custos tuorum pervigil; 
keeping endless watch over your people;
Tu fabricator omnium 
Creator of all time
Discretor atque temporum, 
who set the passing hours in their order,
Fessa labore corpora 
renew our bodies, weary with toil,
Noctis quiete recrea. 
with the quiet rest of the night.
Ut dum gravi in corpore 
That, while within this burdensome body
Brevi manemus tempore 
we must remain however short a stay,
Sic caro nostra dormiat 
our flesh may take such rest
Ut mens in Christo vigilet. 
as keeps the mind awake in Christ.
Te deprecamur supplices 
We here beseech you on our knees
Ut nos ab hoste liberes, 

to free us from the enemy,
Ne valeat seducere 

lest he should prove strong to lead astray
Tuo redemptos sanguine. 

those whom you have redeemed with your blood.
Quaesumus, Auctor omnium, 

We pray you, Author of all things,
In hoc paschali gaudio, 

in this joyful Easter time,
Ab omni mortis impetu 

from every threat of death
Tuum defende populum. 

defend your people here.
Gloria tibi Domine, 

Glory to you, Lord,
Qui surrexisti a mortuis, 

who have risen from among the dead,
Cum Patre et Sancto Spiritu 

with the Father and the Holy Spirit
In sempiterna saecula. Amen. 

for endless ages. Amen.

Low Sunday: Compline

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