Tomás Luis de Victoria by The Cardinall's Musick, Andrew Carwood

Performance of Masses and motets of Tomás Luis de Victoria by The Cardinall's Musick, Andrew Carwood conducting.  
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Texts of the motets are below.  Texts for the Mass are available by clicking on underlined movements.

Missa Gaudeamus, for 6 voices: 

Cum beatus Ignatius, motet for 5 voices

Cum beatus Ignatius
damnatus esset ad bestias, 
et ardore patiendi rugientes,
audirent leones, ait: 
Frumentum Christi sum,
dentibus bestiarum immolar, 
ut panis mundus inveniar. 

When the blessed Ignatius
was condemmed to the animals
and heard the roaring lions,
in his burning desire to suffer, he said:
I am the grain of Christ,
I shall be grown by the teeth of wild animals
so as to prove myself pure bread. 

Ignis, crux,
bestiae confractio ossium, 
et totius corporus contritio 
et tota tormenta diaboli
in me veniant: 
tantum ut Christo fruar. 

Fire, cross,
the wild beast's breaking of my bones
and cleaving of my limbs
the destruction of my whole body
and all the torments of the Devil:
let them come upon me
if only I may have Christ.

Doctor bonus amicus Dei Andreas, motet for 4 voices

Doctor bonus, amicus Dei
Andreas ducitur ad crucem.
Aspiciens a longe vidit crucem et dixit:
Salve, crux, suscipe discipulum eius
qui pependit in te, magister meus, Christus.
Virtuous teacher, friend of God,
Andrew was led to his cross.
Looking from afar, he set eyes on the cross and said:
"Hail, o Cross, receive a disciple of Him
Who hung on thee, Christ, my master".

Hic vir despiciens mundum, motet for 4 voices

Hic vir
despiciens mundum
et terrena
triumphans divitias
caelo condidit
ore et manu.

This man,
despising the world
and all earthly things,
has triumphed and has laid up
treasure in heaven
with his deeds and words.

Ecce sacerdos magnus, motet for 4 voices

Ecce sacerdos magnus,
qui in diebus suis
placuit Deo:
et inventus est justus.

Behold a great priest
who in his days
pleased God
and was found righteous.

Tu es Petrus, motet for 6 voices

Tu es Petrus,
et super hanc petram
aedificabo Ecclesiam meam,
et portae inferi
non praevalerunt adversus eam.
Et tibi dabo
claves regni caelorum.

Thou art Peter,
and upon this rock
will I build my Church,
and the gates of hell will
not stand against it.
And I will give you
the keys of heaven.

Quodcumque ligaverit super terram,
erit ligatum in caelis;
et quodcumque solveris super terram,
erit solutem in caelis.
Et tibi dabo
claves regni caelorum.
(Mt. 16:18-19)
Whatsoever you bind on earth
shall be bound in heaven,
and whatsoever you loose on earth
shall be loosed in heaven.
And I will give you
the keys of heaven.
(Matthew 16:18-19)

O decus apostolicum, motet for 4 voices

O Decus Apostolicum
Christe Redemptor gentium,
quem Thomas apostolus
tactis cicatricibus,
Deum cognovit Dominum
gregem tuum protege
quem redemisti sanguine.

O splendour of the Apostles,
Christ, Redeemer of the nations,
Whom Thomas the Apostle,
By touching your wounds,
Acknowledged as God and Lord,
Protect your flock,
Whom you have redeemed by your blood.

Estote fortes in bello, motet for 4 voices

Estote fortes in bello
et pugnate cum antiquo serpente
et accipietis
regnum aeternum.

Be valiant in warfare
and fight with the ancient serpent
And you shall be granted
the everlasting kingdom.

Veni sponsa Christi, motet for 4 voices

Veni sponsa Christi,
accipe coronam,
quam tibi Dominus preparavit
in aeternum.

Come, thou bride of Christ,
accept the crown
which the Lord has prepared for you
for all eternity.

Descendit angelus Domini, motet for 5 voices

Descendit Angelus Domini
ad Zachariam dicens:
Accipe puerum in senectute tua,
et habebit nomen
Joannes Baptista.

The Angel of the Lord came down
to Zachariah, saying:
Receive a son in thy old age,
and he will have the name
John the Baptist.

Ne timeas
quoniam exaudita est oration tua,
et Elisabeth uxor tua
pariet tibi filium:
et habebit nomem
Joannes Baptista.
(Lc. 1:11-13)
Fear not,
for thy prayer has been heard,
and Elizabeth thy wife
will bear unto thee a son
and he will have the name
John the Baptist.
(Luke 1:11-13)

Missa Pro Victoria, for 9 voices
and organ: