Glorious and powerful God

Glorious and powerful God, we understand
Thy dwelling is on high
Above the starry sky.
Thou dwell’st not in stone temples made with hand;
But in the flesh hearts of the sons of men
To dwell is thy delight,
Near hand, tho’ out of sight.

We give of thine own hand, thy acceptation
Is very life and blood,
To all actions good.
Whenever here or hence our supplication,
From pure and with unfeigned hearts, to thee ascends,
Be present with thy grace,
Shew us thy loving face.

Oh! down on us full show’rs of mercy send,
Let thy love’s burning beams
Dry up all our sin’s streams.
Arise, O Lord, and come into thy rest,
Both now and evermore thy name be blest,
Founder and foundation
Of endless habitation.