Cherry Tree Carol

Joseph was an old man,
And an old man was he,
When he married Mary
In the land of Galilee.

And as they were walking
Through an orchard so good
Where were cherries and berries
As red as any blood.

O then bespoke Mary,
With words both meek and mild,
“ Pluck me one cherry, Joseph;
For that I am with child.”

 “Go to the tree then Mary,
And it shall bow to thee;
And you shall gather cherries
By one, by two, by three.”

Then bowed down the highest tree
Unto our Lady’s hand;
“ See,” Mary cried, “see, Joseph
I have cherries at command.”

“O eat your cherries, Mary,
O eat your cherries now;
O eat your cherries, Mary,
That grow upon the bough.”

Then Mary plucked a cherry,
As red as any blood,
Then Mary went she homewards
All with her heavy load.