Henry Purcell: Funeral Music for Queen Mary

Queen Mary II 

Henry Purcell: Funeral Music for Queen Mary

Read about Henry Purcell (1659-95).   

Henry Purcell's complete music for the funeral of Queen Mary sung by the Winchester Cathedral Choir with the Brandenburg Consort and the Baroque Brass of London, David Hill, conducting [musicMe playlist]:   
The Queen's Funeral March;

CanzonaThou knowest, Lord, the secrets (text)
The Queen's Funeral March (Recession);

Man that is born of a woman (text);     
In the midst of Life (text); 

Thou knowest, Lord, the secrets (text);                                                                                                           

Rejoice in the Lord always (text);                                                        

Remember not, Lord, our offences (text);
Voluntary in c

Give sentence with me, O God (text);                                                         

Jehova, quam multi sunt hostes (text);                                               

O, I'm sick of life (text);

A Double Verse in G;                         

My beloved spake (text);
Hear my prayer, O Lord and let my crying come unto Thee.; 

O God, Thou art my God (text).


Extract of Henry Purcell, Music for the funeral of Queen Mary (1694).  Performance of 
Sopranos: Céline Scheen, Hana Blažíková, Alice FoccroulleCountertenors: Pascal Bertin, Jean-Christophe Clair, Jean-Michel FumasTenors: Phillipe Froeliger, Thibault Lenaerts, Renaud Tripathi; Basses: Jean-Claude Sarragosse, Lionel Meunier, Malcolm Bothwell; La Fenice; Jean Tubéry conducting [YouTube: Part IPart II

Click to listen to the Fundacja Nowa Orkiestra Kameralna Choir, Richard Bylicki Berkeley, conducting, perform Thou knowest Lord.

Click to Listen to the Choir of Clare College, Cambridge, sing Hear my prayer; listen as well to O God, Thou art my God (text).

Click to Listen to the Ad Hoc Singers peform Jehova, quam multi sunt hostes(text).


Walter/Wendy Carlos reworked the Funeral March for the title music of Stanley Kubrick's film, The Clockwork Orange.  (Carlos was then on the verge of sexual reassignment.) [listen]

Click to hear the Funeral March linked to the finale, Death and Baptism, of The Godfather.