Tomás Luis de Victoria (attrib.): Jesu, dulcis memoria

Tomás Luis de Victoria, Jesu, dulcis memoria 

Jesu, dulcis memoria, dans vera cordi gaudia, sed super mel et omnia eius dulcis praesentia. 

Jesu, the very thought of thee with sweetness fills my breast, but sweeter far thy face to see and in thy presence rest. (Edward Caswall)

Performance of: 

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BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, arranged by Leopold Stokowski [NML] (info)

Jesu, dulcis memoria, essentially a polyphonic hymn setting, is found under Victoria's name in two nineteenth-century collections, Alfieri's Raccolta di mottetti of 1840, and the Prince of Moscow's collection of 1843--5. There is no earlier extant source, and on stylistic grounds it appears very unlikely that Victoria can have written the piece, exquisite as it is: it belongs rather to Monteverdi's generation, or later. Pedrell included it in the complete edition of Victoria, his version being the basis of most later editions.