William Byrd: O lux beata Trinitas

O lux beata Trinitas,
Et principalis unitas,
Iam sol recedit igneus,
Infunde lumen cordibus.
Te mane laudum carmine,
Te deprecamur vesperi,
Te nostra supplex gloria
Per cuncta laudet saecula.
Deo patri sit gloria,
Eiusque soli filio,
Cum spiritu paracleto,
Et nunc et in perpetuum. Amen.

O light, blessed Trinity,
And perfect Unity,
Now as the fiery sun sinks,
Pour light into our hearts.
In the morning we offer songs of praise,
At evening we pray to thee,
Our suppliant praise
Lauds thee for all eternity.
Glory be to God the Father,
And to his only Son,
With the Holy Ghost,
Now and forever. Amen.

(Variant reading of the hymn at First and
Second Vespers on Trinity Sunday, and at
Vespers on Saturdays from Trinity to Advent)

Performance by:

Alamire, David Skinner conducting [NML]