William Byrd: Laetentur coeli / Orietur in diebus tuis (1589)

Laetentur coeli et exultet terra. Jubilate montes
laudem, quia Dominus noster veniet, et
pauperum suorum miserebitur.

Orietur in diebus tuis justicia et abundantia
pacis. Et pauperum suorum miserebitur
Let the heavens rejoice and let the earth be glad.
Sing forth praise, ye mountains, for our Lord shall
come, and shall take pity on his affl icted people.

There shall arise in thy days righteousness and an
abundance of peace. And he shall take pity on his
afflicted people.

Respond for first Sunday of Advent, Sarum Rite;
based upon Isaiah 49:13 and Psalm 72 (71):7

Performance by:
Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge, Richard Marlowe conducting [NML] (info)