Luca Marenzio: Tribus miraculis

Tribus miraculis ornatum diem sanctum colimus: hodie
stella Magos duxit ad praesepium: hodie vinum ex aqua
factum est ad nupitas: hodie in Jordane a Joanne Christus baptizari voluit, ut salvaret nos, alleluia.

We celebrate a day sanctified by three miracles: today a
star led the Wise Men to the manger; today water was
changed into wine at the marriage feast; today Christ
chose to be baptized by John in the Jordan for our
salvation. Alleluia.

Antiphon for the Second Vespers of the Feast of the Epiphany

Performance of the St. Clement Church Choir, Chicago [listen]
Performance by St. Mark's Cathedral Choir, Seattle, Washington, J. Melvin Butler conducting [MNL] (info) 

Performance of Claritas (Charlotte Kirby, soprano; Alexandra Barrett, alto; Nicholas Mulroy, tenor; Samuel Barrett, bass; Sarah Pickersgill,soprano; Mythili Vamadevan, alto; Alexander Jupp, tenor; Andrew Kidd,bass), James Grossmith conducting. [we7] (info)