John Dowland: Flow my tears

(Lachrimae) The Second Booke of Songes, 1600

Flow my tears, fall from your springs
Exiled forever, let me mourn
Where nights blackbird hir sad infamy sings,
There let me live forlorne.
Downe vaine lights, shine you no more.
No nights are dark enough
For those that in despair
Their lost fortunes deplore,
Light doth but shame disclose.
Never may my woes be relieved
Since pitie is fled,
And tears, and sighes, and grones
My wearied dayes of all joyes have deprived.
From the highest spire of contentment,
My fortune is throwne,
And feare, and griefe, and paine
For my deserts and my hopes
Since hope is gone
Harke ye shadows that in darknesse dwell,
Learn to contemne light,
Happie, happie they that in hell
Feele not the world’s despite.

Performance of Valeria Mignaco, soprano & Alfonso Marin, lute. [YouTube]

Performance of Marshall coid, counter-tenor; Jerry willard, lute [NML] (info)