Now may we singen

 This babe to us that now is born wonderful works he hath ywrought, he would not lass what was forlorn but boldly again it brought. And thus is is forsooth ywis, he asketh nought but that is his. Now may we singen as it is. Quod puet natus est nobis. This bargain loved he right well, the price was high and bought full dear. Who would suffer and for us feel as did that prince withouten peer? His ransom for us hath ypaid; good reason have we to be his. Be mercy asked and he be prayed who may deserve the heavenly bliss. To some purpose God made man; I trust well to salvation. What was his blood that from him ran but fence against damnation? Almighty God in Trinity, thy mercy we pray with whole heart; thy mercy may all woe make fell and dangerous dread from us to start. (English 15th cent.)