Perotin: Alleluia. Nativitas

Performance by Russell Oberlin (Counter-Tenor); Charles Bressler (Tenor); Donald Perry (Tenor) & Seymour Barab (Tenor Viol): To listen right-click here, then left-click on "Open in New Window." Arrange windows.

Nativitas gloriosae
virginis Mariæ
ex semine Habrahæ
divino moderamine
ignem pio numine
producis, Domine,
hominis salutem,
paupertate nuda,
virginis nativitate
de tribu luda.
lam propinas ovum
per natale novum;
piscem, panem dabis
partu sine semine,
orta de tribu luda,
clara ex stirpe David.

The nativity of the glorious
virgin Mary
from the seed of Abraham,
by divine management
you bring forth a fire,
O Lord;
and the salvation of man
in his naked poverty,
by the birth of the virgin
of the tribe of Judah.
Now on this new birthday
you promise us an egg,
and you will give us fish and bread
by this immaculate birth,
sprung from the tribe of Judah
and of the bright stock of David.