Johann Sebastian Bach: Up, up, my heart, with gladness

Up, up, my heart, with gladness sing what was done today. How bitter was our sadness, what joy now lights our way. My saviour low was laid, but as to mourn we stayed, his grave bonds did he rend and to the skies ascend. Deep in the grave they laid him, loud laughed the fiends in glee. But as in thought they made him their own, lo, Christ is free. Now his victorious cry rings out, and far and nigh he waves his banners bright, victorious after fight. He brings us to the portal which leads to heaven’s fold. Whereon there words immortal stand all inscribed in gold: Who lacked with me renown, he wears in heaven the crown; who chose with me to die, he sits with me on high. (G. W. Daisley)

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Performance of Rubens, Sibylla, soprano; Behringer, Michael, harpsichord; Gross, Michael, cello; Stuttgart Gachinger Kantorei; Stuttgart Bach Collegium; Rilling, Helmuth conducting [NML] (info)