Samuel Scheidt: Surrexit Christus Hodie

Surrexit Christus hodie. Alleluia!
Christ is risen today Alleluia!
Humano pro solamine. Alleluia!
For the comfort of all people. Alleluia!
In hoc Paschali gaudio. Alleluia!
Rejoice in this Easter Day. Alleluia!
Benedicamus Domino. Alleluia!
Let us give thanks to God. Alleluia!
Mortem qui passus pridie. Alleuia!
He suffered death the day before. Alleluia!
Miserrimo pro homine. Alleuia!
He suffered for us all. Alleluia!
Laudetur sancta Trinitas. Alleluia!
Praise the Holy Trinity. Alleluia!
Deo dicamus gratias. Alleluia!
Give thanks to God. Alleluia!

- St Albinus

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