Nicolas Gombert: Tribulatio et angustia

Michelangelo Buonarroti, Last Judgement (detail), Sistine Chapel, Vatican, 1537-41

Tribulatio et angustia invenerunt me:
Tribulation and worry have come over me:
quia mandata tua meditatio mea est.
for my thoughts are of your commandments.
Tribulationem et dolorem inveni:
I have come upon tribulation and sorrow:
et nomen Domini invocavi.
and I have called upon the name of the Lord.
Tribulationes cordis mei multiplicatae sunt:
The tribulations of my heart have multiplied:
de necessitatibus meis erue me,

drag me from my desperation,
ut educas me de lacu inferni et de luto faecis.
so that you may lead me from the hellish lake and the fetid mud.

by The Brabant Ensemble, Stephen Rice conducting: Right-click here, then left-click on "Open in New Window," then arrange windows.