Stanley Vann: There is a flower

There is a flow'r sprung of a tree, the root there of is called Jesse, a flow'r of price there is none such in paradise. this flow'r is fair and fresh of hue. It fadeth never, but ever is new; the blessed branch this flow'r on grew was Mary mild that bare Jesu; a flow'r of grace; against all sorrow it is solace. The seed here of was Goddes sand (gift), that God himself sowed with his hand, in Nazareth that holy land, amidst her arbour a maiden found; this blessed flow'r aprang never but in Mary's bower. When Gabriel this maid did meet, with 'Ave Maria' he did her greet; between them two this flow'r was set and safe was kept, no man should wit, till on a day In Bethlehem it could spread and spray. When that fair flow'r began to spread and his sweet blossom began to bed (bud), then rich and poor of ev'ry land marvelled how this flow'r might spread. Till kinges three that blessed flower came to see. There is a flow'r sprung of a tree… (John Audeley)