Josef Rheinberger: Verbum supernum

Verbum supernum prodiens, nec Patris linquens dexteram, ad opus suum exiens, venit ad vitæ vesperam. 

Se nascens dedit socium, convescens in edulium, se moriens in pretium,

se regnans dat in præmium. 

O salutaris hostia, quæ cæli pandis ostium, bella premunt hostilia; da robur, fer auxilium.

The Word descending from above, without leaving the right hand of his Father, and going forth to do his work, reached the evening of his life. 

By his birth he gave himself as our companion; at the Last Supper he gave himself as our food; dying on the cross he gave himself as our ransom; reigning in heaven he gives himself as our reward 

O salutary Host, who expands the door of the sky, hostile wars press. Give strength; bear aid.

Rheinberger's Verbum supernum is the gradual of his Missa Puerorum.  He uses the 1st, 4th and 5th verses of the hymn attributed to Saint Thomas Aquinas.  Click here for the entire hymn.