Salus aeterna

Saviour eternal, health and life of the world unfailing, light everlasting, and in verity our redeemer. Grieving that the ages of men must perish through the tempter’s subtlety, still in heaven abiding, thou camest earthward of thine own great clemency. Then freely and graciously deigning to assume humanity, to lost ones and perishing gavest thou thy free deliverance, filling all the world with joy. O Christ, our souls and bodies cleanse by thy perfect sacrifice, that we as temples pure and bright fit for thine abode may be. By thy former advent justify, by thy second grant us liberty, that when in the might of glory thou descendest, judge of all, we in raiment undefiled bright may shine, and every follow, Lord, thy footsteps blest, where’er they lead us. (before 11th cent.)