Laboravi in gemitu meo

Laboravi in gemitu meo

Laboravi in gemitu meo was published as by
Thomas Morley, but its attribution to the Flemish
Philippe Rogier has been established. If Rogier was
seeking to show that Northern Europe could produce
polyphony warm enough for the Spanish Court where
he worked, he certainly succeeded with this piece.

  --- Deborah and Andrew Mackay for The Sarum Consort

Performance by the Schütz Ensemble (Netherlands), Carien van de Beld conducting [YouTube]

Arrangement for recorder (Aldo Bova) and viol (Ernst Stolz) [YouTube]

Laboravi in gemitu meo; lavabo per singulas noctes lectum meum, lacrimis meis stratum meum rigabo. 
I have grown weary because of my grieving; every night I wash my bed in my tears, my couch I drench with my weeping. (Psalm 6:6)