Thomas Tomkins

St. Mary's Gate, Worcester, (later known as Edgar Tower)
Through which Tomkins would have walked on his frequent trips to London

Thomas Tomkins (1572-1656)

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O pray for the peace of Jerusalem; they shall prosper that love thee. (Psalm 122:6)

Thomas Tomkins, O Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, performed by the Wells College Choir [YouTube]


Thomas Tomkins, See, see, the shepherd's queen [text], performed by The Virtual Wylbye Consort (single Japanese male voice). [Listen]

Performance by The MacKay Choral Society [YouTube]


Michiel van der Borch, Death of Absalom, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague, 1332
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Thomas Tomkins, Funeral Sentences by the Oxford Camerata; Laurence Cummings, organ; Jeremy Summerly conducting. [YouTube]

Thomas Tomkins, Magnificat from The Fifth Service by the Oxford Camerata; Laurence Cummings, organ; Jeremy Summerly conducting. [YouTube]

Too much I once lamented, While love my heart tormented, Fa la la ... Alas and Ay me sat I wringing; Now chanting go, and singing. Fa la la ...

Thomas Tomkins, Too much I once lamented, by The King's Singers [YouTube]

Performance by Anna Molnár and Viktor Magyaróvári [YouTube]

Performance by Belle a Cappella [YouTube]


Good Shepherd, Catacomb of Priscilla, Rome, 2nd-3rd century
Thomas Tomkins, My shepherd is the living Lord [text], by the Worcester Cathedral choir; Raymond Johnston, organist; Donald Hunt conducting. [YouTube]


Thomas Tomkins, A Fancy for Two to Play. [YouTube]

Thomas Tomkins, In Nomine, by Margaret Fabrizio on the Fisk Organ at Stanford University. [YouTube]
Thomas Tomkins, Sad Pavan for These Distracted Times, by Kevin Gray. [YouTube]


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Works of Thomas Tomkins performed by the Tallis Scholars, Peter Phillips conducting:

Liner notes with lyrics [CML] (info)

Third or "Great" Service:

Te Deum [NML] (info)
Jubilate [NML] (info)
Magnificat [NML] (info)
Nunc dimittis [NML] (info)


When David heard [NML] (info)
Then David mourned [NML] (info)
Almighty God, the fountain of all wisdom [NML] (info)
Woe is me that I am constrained [NML] (info)
Be strong and of a good courage [NML] (info)
O sing unto the Lord a new song [NML] (info)
O God, the proud are risen against me [NML] (info)


Thomas Tomkins, Songs, performed by the Budapest Tomkins Vocal Ensemble; Janos Dobra conducting [NML] (info)

The fauns and satyrs tripping
Phyllis, now cease to move me
Phyllis, yet see him dying

Come, shepherds, sing with me
To the shady woods
See, see the sheperd's Queen
O let me live for true love
O let me die for true love
Oyez! Has any found a lad?
Weep no more, thou sorry Boy
Yet again, as soon revived
Was ever wretch tormented?
Music divine
It is my well-beloved's voice
Cloris, when as I woo

Too much I once lamented
Woe is me
Turn unto the ord
When David heard
Adieu, ye city-prisoning towers
Fusca, in thy starry eyes
When I observe
Oft did I marie

Tomkins: Third Service, Anthems and Voluntaries performed by the Choir of New College, Oxford; David Burchell organ; Edward Higginbottom conducting [CML] (info)

liner notes with lyrics [CML] (info)

Third Service "Great": Te Deum
In nomine 
Third Service "Great": Jubilate 
Third Service "Great": Magnificat
Voluntary for Keyboard in G major
Third Service "Great": Nunc dimittis
Voluntary for Keyboard in C major
Know you not  
Voluntary for Keyboard in A minor
O Lord, let me know mine end 
O that the salvation were given