Nicolas de Grigny: Veni Creator Spiritus

The 18th Century Louis XIII Gallery Organcase of Rheims Cathedral Installed while Nicolas de Grigny was Organist

Read a brief biography of Nicolas de Grigny in Wikipedia.   

Listen to de Grigny, Organ Versets from Veni Creator played by W. Randolph Bourne on the 1974 Brunzema-Casavant organ in Maternity of Mary Church, St. Paul, Minnesota, as part of an hour-long program from Minnesota PBS entitled The Brothers Casavant - Casavant 125th Year Anniversary. Click here, then click on "Listen to Program," then, to go directly to the de Grigny's piece, hold button and slide to 57:40 (57 minutes and 40 seconds).

Click to go to James Pressler's virtual performance of de Grigny, Premier Livre d'orgue (First Organ Book) which includes Veni Creator.  The entire work can be streamed or individual movements played by clicking on the "notes."
Performance of Nicolas de Grigny, Premier Livre d'orgue (including the versets of Veni Creator Spiritus) by John Grew on the 1981 Wolff organ of Redpath Hall, McGill University) [NML] (info).

Performance of Michel Chapuis at the 1750 Valtrin / 1848 Callinet / 1971 Schwenkedel organ of the Cathedral of Saint Christopher, Belfort [YouTube]