Gloria tibi Trinitas: Antiphon, Motet, Mass and In Nomine

Sandro Botticelli, Holy Trinity (Pala delle Convertite), Courtauld Institute Galleries, London, 1491-93

Gloria tibi Trinitas: Antiphon, Motet, Mass and In Nomine

Gloria tibi Trinitas equalis una deitas
Glory to thee, equal trinity, single deity,
et ante omnia secula et nunc et in perpetuum.
before all ages, now, and forever.

Click to read about Gloria tibi Trinitas, the antiphon that introduces the initial psalm of First Vespers (Roman Catholic) for the eve of Trinity Sunday.

Performance in plainchant by the Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford. [YouTube] [Beginning up to 0:38]

Performance of Thomas Tallis, Gloria tibi Trinitasby the Chapelle du Roi; Andrew Benson-Wilson, organ; Alistair Dixon conducting [NML] (info)


John Taverner composed a Mass based on the plainchant antiphon, Gloria tibi Trinitas. This Mass has no Kyrie because it was common at the time to trope the Kyrie.

Performance by The Sixteen, Harry Christophers conducting. [CML] (info)

Performance by The Tallis Scholars, Peter Phillips conducting. [NML(info)

Performance by the Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Stephen Darlington conducting [NML(info)


Click to read about In Nomine with access to a number of MIDI versions.

John Bull, In Nomine, Fitzwilliam Virginal Book XXXVII (one of at least 12 In Nomine by John Bull) [YouTube]

To listen to John Bull, In Nomine, performed by Etienne Baillot on the 1981 Garnier organ of the Cathédrale Saint Étienne, Metz, Click here, then click on "Listen to the Program," then hold button and slide to 44:27 (44 minutes and 27 seconds) (followed by Fantasia at 46:53).  

Fretwork has a recording, In Nomine, accompanied by excellent liner notes, all available online at the Naxos Music Library.  Check with your librarian. [NML] (info).

In Nomine may be borrowed from the Bibliothèque nationale du Québec.  Check for availabilty.