John Dowland: If my complaints

The First Booke of Ayres, 1597.
(Captain Digorie Piper’s Pavan) Lute variations by Thomas Morley

If my complaints could passions move,
Or make Love see wherein I suffer wrong,
My passions were enough to prove
That my despairs had govern'd me too long.
O Love, I live and die in thee,
Thy grief in my deep sighs still speaks.
Thy wounds do freshly bleed in me.
My hart for thy unkindness breaks
Yet thou dost hope when I despair,
And when I hope thou mak'st me hope in vain.
Thou say'st thou can’st my harms repair
Yet for redresse thou let'st me still complain
Can Love be rich and yet - I want.
Is Love my judge and yet am I condemn'd?
Thou plenty hast, yet me dost scant,
Thou made a God, and yet thy pow’r contemn'd
That I do live it is thy power,
That I desire it is thy worth,
If Love doth make men's lives too sour,
Let me not love nor live henceforth
Die shall my hopes, but not my faith
That you that of my fall may hearers be
May here despair, which truly saith
I was more true to Love than Love to me.

Performance of Claudia Gutiérrez Almanza, Soprano; Raymundo Mendoza Arredondo, Lute. [YouTube]

Performance of the Queen's Chamber Band [NML] (info)